New City, N.Y.– Every so often going to the park with your dog may include a potential dogfight, but what happens when it is a man-bites-man fight instead?

Sunday night, two men got into a fight over the way their dogs were playing in a park. When an outside source tried to break them up, he was bitten on the wrist by one of the dog owners. Currently, no one has been arrested but the situation is still in the process of being looked into.

Man bites man in fight over dogs, NY officials say, May 24, 2010

Workers on BP Oil Spill Face Intense Heat

Oil spill workers have been facing intense working conditions as they labor over cleaning up the oil spill. One of the most dangerous aspects of the job is the scorching heat, where in some areas the temperature can hit 110 degrees.

So far around 100 workers have dealt with heat-related illnesses and some have even been hospitalized, especially those who have worked under constant heat exposure while on the beaches. Due to such conditions there has been talk of some workers considering personal injury lawsuits, though as of now this has been offset with the amount of money that is being made by each individual. Yet, in the time to come it will be interesting to see if simple wages will be enough.

Under a Withering Sun, Spill Cleanup Workers Must Break Frequently, NYTIMES.COM, June 13th, 2010.